March 2011

This month’s gallery is the first of a documentary series which I hope you will enjoy.

This was one of those rare opportunities to enter a normally off limit site.

The pictures are of the old Soviet submarine Base at Paldiski in Estonia. The area was the main submarine training base of the Soviet navy during the cold war. It was off limits to civilians until 1994, and when the base was finally abandoned in 1995 the main population of the town, at its height 10000, left and only around 2500 remain today.

The pictures are of the main headquarters which have been pillaged quite extensively however it does give the viewer a rare insight into the former Russian establishment.

As this is a documentary, Dave has not asked anyone to comment on the pictures.

Dave has also agreed to change the ‘Home Page’ image on a monthly basis, this month he has chosen a portrait which will be part of a gallery later in the year.

As many of you know, Dave is Chairman of the London Salon of Photography, their 2011 Exhibition is now open for entry, details can be found at Please visit the site and print off your entry form.

March is a busy month for Dave, full details of his talks can be found on the ‘Lectures & Judging’ tab. Hopefully the weather in Scotland will have improved by the time he has to travel there.

William Lee