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August 2011

These pictures bring back such memories of our trips, the people we met and the co-incidences that came about.


The picture of the house in the field was one of these, when we returned home and Dave was working on the picture, I was reading a novel called 'The American Wife' and the picture on the cover was of the same house - spooky!


When we go back to places, we often take small postcards of pictures we have taken in previous years, the black & white infrared of the old garage was taken in North Dakota, on our last visit we returned to the town and Dave went into the new garage and showed them the postcard, the mother of the owner could not believe that anyone would want to take a picture of their town, let alone their old garage.


I have spent many happy hours sitting outside some of the properties Dave photographs, reading my book or finding out information on the town and its people.


Please enjoy the pictures


Sue Yates