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December 2011

The first 3 images are from our trip to Thailand - 'the little boy playing' 'Rag Doll' & 'Karan Child' - I think these images are wonderful and show the difference between the have's and have nots of the World and remind me of when I was a child living in the back to back houses of Hockley Birmingham when our Christmas stocking was filled with hand made items by my parents, as like these children my parents had little money for the luxuries in life.


The next 3 images were all taken with my first infra-red camera, a Nikon 990 which was converted for me by a colleague of mine. I had great fun with this camera and then passed it to a good friend of mine and I believe it is still going strong, his name is Arnold Hubbard.


The final 6 images are hand (in Photoshop) coloured which is great fun and allows you to go into the sureal world and extend your imagination. There are many stories to be told of not only taking these images but also of the painful hours spent sitting at the computer producing them. When I do my talks at clubs, these images and the images from many of the previous galleries always draw a lot of attention and give inspiration to others.


I hope you have enjoyed visiting the galleries over the past year and I hope you will return again in 2012. Please remember you are always welcome to attend any of the talks I am giving at the Clubs and Societies around the UK.


Dave Yates