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January 2012

Our trip to the USA in 2011 gave me some intersting pictures many of which wil be included in galleries during 2012. You have already seen some of the colour images from Route 66, this month I am returning to monochrome images using my Canon converted infra red camera.


During my working days, I often drove under Spaghetti Junction in Birmingham and felt that there were many pictures to be had, but unfortunately due to pressures of work never had time to stop and take the snap. Driving along the freeway towards Fort Worth, I spotted the President George Bush Freeway with many similar characteristics to Spaghetti and was fortunate to be able to find a hotel car park which gave me access to the land under the freeway. Leaving Sue in the car to watch my back I headed off onto the wasteland and got my images, praying that the local police would not arrest me.


I hope that you enjoy them